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Why you should start a pet Blog in 2023-Case Studies


Why you should start pet Blog in 2023

Do you like cats?

50% of you would say yes, 50% would be indifferent about cats.

That's not the point.

Today, we are going to talk about a cat blog.

I know, I know.

However, sometimes, some blogs are too good not to discuss and hence, we are going to talk about "Purr Craze" today. 


Today  Case Studies

Introducing: https://purrcraze.com/

Have a look at the website. This is the most basic website that you will ever see which is the main reason why we picked this case study to talk about in today's email.

This is not a brilliantly designed website.

The content is basic.

Nothing about this website screams "greatness" - yet, this website regularly gets 30,000-40,000 visits/per month.


Most of the visitors are coming from USA which guarantees better RPM and we can safely assume that the site is making anywhere from $2000 to $5000 USD/month.

Question: How did a basic website like this get there?

Answer: SEO and consistency.

This website did not do anything that you cannot do.

Our free SEO course on Passive Journal's YouTube channel is alone to get you started on a website like this and you will start seeing results in 12 months.

We are not saying it just to say it.

We have done it publicly before (all videos about this public case study on Passive Journal's YouTube channel)

How to anyone can do it again.

Here are the steps that you need to follow if you want a result like above:

Step 1: Find your topic

Anything that has a global interest + has your interest can be a topic.

We want you to pick a topic that you are an expert in (whether academically or experientially) - being an expert/authority is important.

Step 2: Create a Blog

This is easy. If you are a Passive Journal member, use the website-building course to create your blog. That teaches you everything.

If you are not a PJ member, use this video to create a blog.

Step 3: SEO

Again, if you are a PJ member, you can use both the basic and advanced SEO courses inside your dashboard to start ranking your website on page 1 of Google.

If you are not a Passive Journal member, use the free course here.

As per our estimate, it would take roughly 12-16 months to start seeing money coming in from your blog if you have done everything right.

And once again, if a website called "Purr Craze" can do it, there's no reason why you cannot.

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