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Make money from Twitter and Threads

make money from twitter and threads

We are all seeing what's happening between Threads and Twitter. Both Musk and Zuck are powerful names in the tech industry and none of them have anything to lose in terms of money - and they are going "all in"

In fact, the battle seems to be coming out from the laptops and into a cage as it is rumored that they will fight in an MMA-style match real soon.

Will it happen? Who knows! But it is sure interesting. The reason that I bring up this is that as Threads is on the rise, so will the businesses for threads.

Today, there are 100s of businesses that support the Twitter world, the Facebook World, and the Instagram world. However, as Threads is new, there's very little going on there.

There are no dedicated businesses focusing solely on Threads and that's where I believe an early mover's opportunity might be. Let's use an example to understand what we are trying to achieve.

A twitter tool that make money from twitter

Introducing: https://tweethunter.io (Tweet Hunter)

A French guy (32-year-old, name Tom) built this last year and now this tool generates nearly $492,000/year.

Yes, you read that right.

It generates nearly half a million USD /year. What does it do? It helps you find tweets.

Imagine you just opened Twitter and you want to grow on that platform. You want people to know you for "cooking related topics"

You sign up to Tweet Hunter and simply put your interest, and the tool will find you all the Tweets that you need to reply to, think about, get ideas from and everything else.

It saves time & time is money. Would something like this work on Threads too? I think so! But there's only one way to know. 


Threads tool


Let's use another example.

Check out https://www.creatosaurus.io/

They just launched and their goal is to make your Threads post look visually pleasant. Currently, the thread posts are boring, text-heavy and they want to make it more "Instagram-like"

It is only been 1 week and the tool is getting great reactions. The third and the "easiest" + least profitable option is becoming an influencer on that new platform around a topic.

The goal is to make people know you for a "topic" and not because of you. You want them to think of you as an expert of "X" - replace X with anything you want.

What we can take from this?

This is the easy route but I also think this will be the least rewarding of all the options. The goal of this article is to get you to think about something very simple. What tool can I build / What content can I build that will work on Threads?

Take a notebook and write (this is important, don't think, write)

Is Threads here to stay?

No idea!

But you can't take a chance. You have to play the game. But this is also something to keep in mind for the near future.

Keep your eyes open.

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