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Make $10k a month from Blogging


Make $10k a month from Blogging

Do you enjoy traveling?

Traveling is the most common hobby among all hobbies.

99% of your friends have traveling as a hobby on their hobby list.

Some of them are truly passionate about traveling.

Some just enjoy it.

Traveling has always been a great industry to build businesses on. It has money, people enjoy traveling and they are happy to spend money when they are traveling and they always want to research more about a place before they go there.

A story of Blogging

Introducing Nina.

She created a website called https://ninaoutandabout.ca/

As you can see, it ends with .ca and not .com because Nina is Canadian and she only wanted to focus on the Canadian market when she started blogging.

Her goal was simple.

Write about travel and talk about her journey as a female traveler.

That's exactly what she did.

Nothing happened in the first 3 years but then her posts started ranking on Google.

Have a look at the growth curve that I generated on Semrush:


there was nothing till February 2021 and now the site receives about 15,000 visits/month from organic and possibly 20-25k in total.

How Does Nina Make Money from Blogging

It is not difficult to understand how her website makes money. Here's an example.

If you visit https://ninaoutandabout.ca/travel-resources/ (her travel resource page), you will see that she talks about Wwoof and a few other companies there.

All those are affiliate links. Wwoof for example pays 10% commission on every sale. Here's the detail if you are interested: https://wwoof.com.au/affiliate-info/

Most of her 10,000 USD comes from two sources:

  1. Affiliate commission
  2. Ads

At its core - it is a blog that talks about traveling and makes money.

Isn't that awesome?

In the initial days, all her visitors were coming from Pinterest. Nina was very popular on Pinterest.

With a quick research, I found that most of her early traffic came from Pinterest. However, now the whole business is dependent on Google SEO.

This is a true example of how powerful SEO is and how simple it is to create a blog and make money online.

I hope this inspires you.

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