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Earn $10,000 using ChatGPT


Earn $10,000 using ChatGPT

What do you think about ai?

AI has revolutionized everything in the past some months and I am sure you are aware of it.

I am going to talk about a specific project that launched and then sold for $10,000 USD - within 48 hours.

Yes, you read it right.


A story of sell website


It was built and then sold within 48 hours - all live. Introducing, https://answersbyai.com/. The story is crazy (it actually is crazy, listen to this).


How did He build a website using ChatGPT

The name of this guy is Shawn. He wanted to build something using Chat GPT but he had no idea about what to build. Also, he did not know how to use Chat GPT's API to build something.

What did he do? He asked Chat GPT how to do it. Chat GPT gave him step-by-step guidelines and he just followed them. 48 hours later, he had that website up and running.

That's not the fun part. This is only the beginning. Once the site was built (he was tweeting live updates of how he was doing it) - he started thinking, about how will the site make money.

At around the same time, on producthunt.com - one website was ranked #1 which was Originality.ai (it is a plagiarism detector for ai content)

So Shawn emailed them asking will they be interested in posting ads on his website. It was just a cold email, they didn't know him and he didn't know them.

Within a few hours, they emailed back. They said they are interested in buying Shawn's website for $10,000 USD.

Shawn was over the moon with joy. He sold it. It is one of the fastest exits in the history of website selling space. He built and sold a "business" in under 48 hours - which is a record.

What are the takeaways we can get from here?

  1. Build small projects for fun
  2. Talk about what you are building - if possible then on Twitter
  3. Cold email works - you just have to be smart about it
  4. AI is fascinating. You all should read more about what AI can do and think if you can place a business that uses AI

That's it.

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