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Build a browser extension for $900,000

Build a browser extension for $900,000

 do you use Chrome extensions?

I am sure you do!

Have you ever thought about building a Chrome extension though?

I know what you are thinking!

I am not a coder, how do I create one?

If you follow Twitter's live building threads or just do an hour's Googling, you will know that Chrome extensions are not that difficult to build with the help of a freelance coder/developer and some Chrome extensions are easily created within 24 hours. 


A story of  Browser Extension

Anyway, these 4 Indians decided to create a Chrome extension called OctoShop last year, and this year, it sold for over $900,000 USD to another bigger company.

And guess what?

They were all kids (under 18 years old)

Let's dive in!

All 4 team members were in college and that's when Covid hit. The college was off and they decided that they should utilize this free time.

The CEO Rithvik suggested that they should create a Chrome extension where users can compare price details and a few other information online.

Imagine you have this Chrome extension and you go on Daraz.com.bd and try to buy a treadmill. This Chrome extension will tell you that the price of that treadmill is lower on BDShop so you shouldn't buy from Daraz and go to BDshop (random example but you get the idea)

That's what they did.

Initially, it was just a price tracker but then they added another option where you could get notifications whenever there was a discount or deal on your favorite products (on any website).

Within 9 months, more than 100,000 users have downloaded the Chrome extension and they were making affiliate commissions from wherever these users were buying from.

Within 12 months, the company was making roughly $360,000 USD / year.

Now, here's the fun part.

It is not a unique idea. 


Another Chrome Browser Extension

Honey (another Chrome extension) did it 2 years ago.

Then why did the same idea worked again?

Because Honey was for the US market and Octoshop was for the Indian market.

That's all you have to do sometimes.

Find an idea that already worked in USA / anywhere in the world and see if it fits into the Bangladesh ecosystem.

If it does, you have a business there.

If you are smart, you will take a day off and browse through Chrome Extension library to see what are extensions available there which will work for the Bangladesh market.

Will a Pathao / Uber price comparison app do well?

How about a website where you can put in the details of a product and it will tell you what's the cheapest source to buy it from in USA or any other country?

Should we create an extension targeting book lovers to give them one book quote per day and then try to sell them books?

The ideas are limitless.

Give it a thought.

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