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Best Blogging ideas in 2023


Best Blogging ideas in 2023

Have you been to a hotel?

Most of us have! And even if you haven't, you know about the concept.

The idea of creating establishments and charging people for every night they stay in there is not new.

Initially there were hotels. Then there were hostels, co-living arrangements. Then there were airbnb and a few others that allowed you to convert your place into a hotel.

However, the company we will discuss today is not that simple.

They were thinking - what can we do in the hotel / hospitality space that's unique, easy & helps us make maximum money in the quickest possible time.


Story of Blogging ideas

Introducing: https://hotelsforyouths.com/

This is not a hotel. This is just a blog about hotels. However, this is not a blog about all hotels. They only blog about hotels where youth can stay.

The founder of this website was researching one day about what topic a website can be built on. He did a lot of research and then found out that people who are 18+ needs hotel but most hotels don't allow check-ins if you are under 21.

Wah! He started a blog.

He started researching about which hotels allow 18-21 old people to check in and he started listing them on the website. It is a very new website, it is less than 2 years old. He recently sold the website for $113,000 USD.


Financial Overview of Hotel For Youths

This is how much the website made in the last 12 months (breakdown monthly):


I also did some more research and found some fun information for you guys. Check this out:


The website gets most of its traffic from the USA (99%) and it only started receiving traffic in July 2021.

They only do SEO and most of their money comes from affiliate marketing. This is a brilliant example of how you can create a solution using just a blog and make it massive within 12 months.

All he did was solve a simple problem using a website. He didn't try to start a hotel, he didn't try to do YouTube videos - just a plain old blog.

And it worked. This makes me think - what are some other problems like these that are basic and can be solved using a blog?

Let's brainstorm. Some Business Ideas for Blogging

  1. Can we create a blog about the party destinations of the world?
  2. How big is the private jet industry? How to even buy one?
  3. A blog about taking care of eyewear
  4. Expensive Watch Collections

I mean, I can go on and on.

But you get the Blogging ideas right?

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